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Law Enforcement Courses

Social Media Research OSINT Training, 9th ed.

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Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

In this 2-day course you'll learn how to research publicly accessible information on Facebook and how to secure and monitor your own profile. On day 2 you'll learn more about Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other trending platforms. Plus your learn how to find geocoded tweets!

A Guide to the Best LES Systems


Confidential LES Systems Every Officer Should Know

Vast amounts of resources have been poured into systems to help law enforcement officers and analysts perform criminal research yet many have never heard of these systems or obtained user accounts.  This course surveys the top LES systems, explains why they're important, how they work, and how to obtain access.

Insecure network with several red platfo

Peer into the darknet markets and see their innerworkings

Law enforcement, private investigators, analysts, and researchers alike must gain an understanding of the Dark Web in order to engage intelligently in an effective Dark Web investigation.  This course aims to provide context and recommendations pertaining to Dark Web research as well as explain how it operates.

Link Analysis

Advanced Link Analysis.jpg

Connecting the Dots

Most officers are left without sophisticated link analysis software; however, the Microsoft Office Suite offers an impressive toolkit for visualizing and analyzing complex data that is within reach of investigators, analysts, and other researchers when shown how.

Excel for Cops, Detectives, and Analysts

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Data Analysis: Crawl, Walk, Run

For cops, detectives, and analyst who want learn how to analyze data better in investigations and become a more valuable member of the team.

Customized Courses

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Tailor a Course for Your Needs

Need something else?  Tailored training courses related to structured analytical techniques, intelligence-led policing, and other intelligence, research, and analysis can be constructed for any occasion.

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