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Social Media Research Training

Intelligence Analyst, Laredo Police Department

“The case examples helped us understand how we would approach it on our real-time investigations."

Senior Police Officer, Houston Police Department

"I liked that is is online and the knowledge of the instructor. He also took out the time to explain the material and help those in need of help one on one."

Investigator, Houston Police Department

“Very informative, instructor explain well and was very understanding.”

Investigator, Harris County Sheriff's Office

“Instructor offered the opportunity to conduct the research ourselves. Hands on training. There was nothing I disliked about the course."

Police Officer, Fort Worth Police Department

"Very practical and I came away with solid tools to use."

Homicide Investigator, Houston Police Department

“The fact that it was on zoom allowed me to follow along and actually do the same research and bookmark pages instead of just trying to take notes and try to do the same stuff later. I have taken similar types of tech courses before and when I tried to replicate the methods later I was unable to.”

The Darkweb

Intelligence Analyst, Laredo Police Department

“The examples were amazing, loved that time was taken to show the darkweb."

Intelligence Analyst, Laredo Police Department

"I enjoyed how this course went into great detail about the darkweb."

Detective, Houston Police Department

“It was a great introduction for someone who knew nothing about how bitcoin or the darkweb worked.”

Officer, Plano Texas Police Department

“The guest speaker was phenomenal! The whole course was very enlightening."

Police Officer, Austin Police Department

"Provided a good introductory overview of the dark web and cryptocurrency usage, very informative."

Detective, Houston Police Department

“Very informative for a subject that I think a lot of LEO don't even start to scrape the surface on and could be the next landscape for crimes, especially narcotics and identity theft.”

Excel for Cops, Detectives, and Analysts

Detective, Austin Police Department

“The structure of the material provided made it very easy to follow. The step by step Excel was great. I also liked the practical examples at the end."

Crime Analyst II, Harris County Sheriff's Office

"The instructor was very engaging and allowed students to screen share to assist with any problems we were experiencing."

Police Officer, Houston Police Department

“I liked learning the possibilities to increase my investigative skills using different techniques.”

Police Officer, Irving Police Department

“I thought the spreadsheet lesson plan/workbook was good because it will serve as reference material for future questions."

Police Supervisor, Bellaire Police Department

"Great depth of knowledge. I'm an intermediate user and still took away a ton of information! Even though it was virtual, the engagement was well thought out. The use of socrative was helpful. The music and timer were great for breaks and lunch. You don't get to Mr. Ward's level of expertise without having truly experienced it, and it clearly shows through this course."

Detective, Dallas Police Department


Law Enforcement Sensitive Systems

Communications, Galena Park Police Department

“How knowledgeable, personable and down to earth the instructor is. I enjoyed that the instructor used real examples from the class. I REALLY enjoyed that he was open and understood the importance of information sharing, lead the class by example by sharing all information and spreadsheets, etc. throughout the class. Extremely helpful. I don't think there was anything I disliked about the course. I even enjoyed the music. :)."

Analyst, Harris County Sheriff's Office

"The instructor was engaging. The most engaging presentation that I have had."

Special Ops, Harris County Constable PCT 2

“Just about all of the information covered was new to me. This class was very informative. I don’t have anything negative to say about this course.”

District Attorney Investigator, Harris County District Attorney

“Knowledgeable and energetic instructor, good materials. Nothing disliked."

Investigator, West University Place Police Department

"The classroom onscreen activities are the best."

Special Ops, Harris County Constable PCT 2

“Explained how to gain access to the sites or programs we could use and the reason we couldn't on the other ones.


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