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- Excel for Cops, Detectives, and Analysts Starts Soon -

Research, Analysis, & Consulting Specialist

James Ward Research & Analysis Training LLC is a leading law enforcement training firm with over two decades of intelligence expertise. We offer cutting-edge research and analytical skills for officers, detectives, analysts, and prosecutors across the nation.

We also offer consulting services such as assessments, surveys, and HR support to help you find the best analyst for your needs. Whether you need a basic or advanced training course, we have you covered. Contact us today to book a training session or a consultation.

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For Police


For Cops

Whether you’re a beginning officer or an expert, no classroom is too diverse for us to handle.

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For Detectives

Training to help you find actionable intelligence and analyze complex investigations.

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For Analysts

Hone your skills and acquire advanced research and analysis techniques to solve a host of law enforcement problems.

What Sets Us Apart


TCOLE Certified Instructor

James is a qualified law enforcement instructor in Texas with years of experience teaching cops and analysts. He can also help you earn continuing education credits for your state (check with your training division to see if you are eligible).

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